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IT Solutions

By Hem Infotech
Mini PC and Thin Client

We have delivered 1000+ Mini PC and Thin Clients all over the world. Award-winning companies such as HP, NComputing and Enjay have partnered with us.

Backup and Storage Solution

We offer the most robust and complete data storage solution to its clients that lead to worry free data management. We also protect your systems from any ransomware attacks.

Server and Workstation

Make use of our proactive maintenance and real time reporting system that enable to do more business while flustering less about your IT problems.

Thin Client / Mini PC

Your company has provided computers to each of your employees. That’s great. But did you know, that all of them use about 1% to a maximum of 5% of the computer’s efficiency? Yes, no matter how rigorously they use it, the most they use is 5%. This means that your company is losing 95% efficiency on each of your computers!! Can you imagine the loss?

Hem Infotech has an easy solution to this problem. Why use so many different computers when all your employees can easily use one? Yes, our next generation networking abilities make certain that 40 to 50 employees can use the same computer at the same time! Our high technology ensures that there is no problem in execution of applications and the performance is not compromised. Read more.


Your business revolves around the data you have. Losing it affects your business, clients and credibility. Our skilled team at Hem Infotech provides IT solution for the data recovery to rescue you from data loss.

  • Specialised retrieval of data
  • Air Tight Data Recovery plan to have upto 100% recoveries
  • Complete confidentiality of data by trusted staff
  • Cost & time effective services keeping customer satisfaction as priority

Antivirus & Firewall

Cyber thieves are becoming clever with their advanced techniques. So, to keep your personal data away from their grip you need a specialist, us.

  • Blockage of virus and malware
  • Filtering browser for safe use
  • Updated softwares for optimum protection
  • Email and phishing security


Producing a resource without having that in reality by virtualisation is a formula that will make your business soar. And we can help you here.

  • Provision of virtual desktops
  • Simplification of server management
  • Maintaining load equilibrium
  • Enhancement of IT productivity and protection

IT Audit

We examine whether your IT infrastructure is parallel to business goals, as it impacts your ability to perform. We ascertain that you give your best.

  • Risk minimization and identification
  • Information consolidation and security
  • Control and safeguarding of assets
  • Monitoring of systems


  • Minimise Business Disruption
  • Gain Essential Insights
  • Save Time and Increase Efficiency
  • Receive Proactive Maintenance and Early Detection